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Ethical Hacking Course Training Certification India

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Become an certified ethical hacker that can hack computer systems like black hat hackers and secure them like security experts.

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About Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking.

With the world turning into one global village and the fact that most of the official work (private and public) is done through computer and computer systems, it is important to ensure security in such cases.

All the necessary documents, information, and data are stored in a computer these days which shall be protected with utmost care.

Following this, there is a lot of demand for cybersecurity and ethical hacking professionals to keep all the sensitive information protected from the hackers and develop new computer protecting the system.

During the program, ethical hackers are taught how to find loopholes in the security system and to report these threats to their owners and provide necessary solutions to protect the data and networks.

Ethical Hacking Course Online Training Cyber Security Certification

What is Ethical Hacking Course Training !!


Ethical Hacking Course Provide the opportunity to student & IT Professional who is interested to make a career in Cyber Security.

Learn the basics of being an ethical hacker, and cybersecurity for systems and networks with this online course.

This online course covers everything you need to know about becoming an ethical hacker. Students will learn about reconnaissance, network protocols, Windows hacking, attacking web technologies, and pen testing wireless networks, social engineering attacks & how to secure yourself from attacks.

This course will be of great interest to those who work in cyber security for systems and networks. So, why wait? Start this course today and learn how to become an ethical hacker.

This Online Course Certified Ethical Hacker will provide you with an understanding of the process of penetration testing systems to improve security.

You will learn about reconnaissance; the observation and exploration of systems to better understand security features and potential threats.

You will be able to explain the protocols of ethical hacking, such as TCP/IP, ICMP, ARP, and DNS. You will also learn about hacking with the Windows & Linux operating system.

This Cyber Security Course then explains the types of attacks on web technologies. You will learn about denial of service attacks and other web-based cyber-attacks

You will also learn about securing systems against such attacks and attackers and will be of great interest to those who work in cybersecurity for systems and networks.

This Ethical Hacking course then wraps up with penetration testing for wireless networks. You will learn how to best secure wireless networks against attacks.

By taking this course you will learn the basics of being an ethical hacker.

So why wait? Start the course today and learn more about cybersecurity for systems and networks .

Ethical Hacking Course Online Training Cyber Security Learn Hacking

30 Days Online Interactive Training on Cyber Security

Ethical Hacking Course Online Training Cyber Security Certification

Learn Hacking with working on Live Project

Ethical Hacking Course Online Training Cyber Security Certification

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Ethical Hacking Course Online Training Cyber Security Certification

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Ethical Hacking Course Online Training Cyber Security Certification

What you will learn in Ethical Hacking Course?

Course Modules You Will Learn

  • Module 01 : Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  • Module 02 : Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security Introduction
  • Module 03 : Information Gathering (Scanning Networks)
  • Module 04 : Windows and Linux Hacking
  • Module 05 : Steganography & Cryptography Mechanism
  • Module 06 : Trojans\Backdoors\Malware\Ransomware
  • Module 07 : Exploitation of Operating System\Servers
  • Module 08 : Sniffers Network Information
  • Module 09 : Social Engineering Account Hacking
  • Module 10 : Denial of Service Attack (DOS-Attack) Practical
  • Module 11 : Fake Calling and SMS Spoofing
  • Module 12 : Email Hacking & Phishing\Spoofing
  • Module 13 : Hacking Web Applications
  • Module 14 : SQL Injection hacking Websites
  • Module 15 : Hacking Wireless Networks & How to Secure
  • Module 16 : Google HDB\Shodan\OSINT
  • Module 17 : Web Servers Pen testing
  • Module 18 : Types of Cyber Crime

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Ethical hacking Course


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About Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking.

According to Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, one in three online computers is remotely controlled by a hacker and not the owner of the device or email address. An alarming find, making the emailing facility very unreliable.

How does this hacking happen? Well, a hacker uses a few devices.

One is using Virus; this is the most popular one in the 21st century. This form of hacking works by injecting a few specialised lines of code into an otherwise harmless executable file.

ethical hacking course training in India

The infected file is then made available for download on the Internet, and the downloader’s gadget subsequently become infected with the virus.

Once the program infects the machine, the hacker can easily access the machine, take over the machine, or use the infected computer to send bulk advertising (spam) without fear of punishment.

Another is through Unsecure Wireless Network; Hackers exploit this lack of security by simply scouting around for open, unsecured wireless connections.
When a hacker is connected to the unsecured networks, he is now just one step away from any other computer in network and needs to bypasses only few basic security in order to get access of sensitive data of company\organizations.

And lastly, the hacker can use a brute-force attack, by simply guess the password, this is the old one hacking method used before few year ago.
Repeatedly entering commonly used passwords such as birth dates and pet names can become very tedious, so some hackers employ automatic scripts known as robots, or bots for short to continually attempt access to a restricted machine.
But fortunately modern computer systems and networks attempt to combat this form of attack by denying access and disabling accounts after a specified number of incorrect login attempts.

ethical hacking course training in India

So if you have noticed the IT guys in your firm getting strict with internet or device access, it’s because of safety.

Prevention is better than cure and to prevent a whole institute from crashing to the ground because money has been stolen by hackers or significant information is in the wrong hands, IT security has probably doubled its strength.

The reputation of a company could be tainted if it has just once been known to be hacked, no one would want to invest or share information with a company that’s easily hacked, it would be a risky and an unwise move.
To counter this problem, according to Forbes, the world’s largest search engine Google, has been offering up rewards to security researchers and friendly hackers to find flaws or bugs in its programming for a while.
Through this contest, hackers were able to exploit Google chrome, one of the much used devices.

ethical hacking course training in India

So the next time you see a suspicious email with a link, delete it immediately, this is how a hacker tricks us into installing a virus into our computers and thus able to hack everyone in our mailing list if they fall for the trap. Also try to stick to the old downloading software from a disk, it’s safer, rather than the free ones online, it’s all part of the hacker’s device.

It’s all too well to try and stay off the internet, but we know it’s quite vital for information and communication and work through emailing, research, social networking and so forth. So, if there is a solution to most problems, there is a solution to hackers.

This is what we only see in movies at one time – where the computer nerd ruled the world by just frantically typing away at their keyboards. Well, its part of the real world now and we need to wise up and take actions to prevent hackers from stealing our lives.

Advancement has its disadvantages and one of them is swords and frontal attacks are not necessary anymore, this can be done easily through the tip of the fingers, literally!

About kether infoSec

ethical hacking course training in India

KETHER INFOSEC is a Cyber Security Investigation Company In India and Provide Cyber Security Solutions, Online Safety Training and Information System Security Services across the world.

We are an authorized/accredited training centre , our head quarter is completely based in Udaipur (IN), We started our small IT Training and Cyber Security Certifications related training, in Oct 2010 with Class Room Training and In just a few years Kether infoSec had successfully trained and certified more than 4000 (Four Thousands ) students across the world.

We trained the students in Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security Courses and Many of the Students are working in Fortune 500 Companies..

Our program guarantees that training with certification provides the highest level of educational quality with good contents & Live Training

Kether infosec provides the industry-led Ethical Hacking Course cyber security training Udaipur Rajasthan India. This course covers basic information related to Certified Ethical Hacker certification. This course includes lessons where you will learn what Ethical Hacking is, what the Certified Ethical Hacking Course Certification is and how to use these skills to become a paid security professional. This course is a starting point for you to chart your course to a well paying and satisfying Cyber Security career.

ethical hacking course training in India